Marians of the Immaculate Conception - Tajynsza

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Welcome, Dear Reader,
to our pages,
dedicated to our Congregation
and to our work in Kazakhstan.

You’ll be able to get to know us
a little bit better, here,
and discover something  about
our missionary work in this
so vast and far-away country.

Kazakhstan – the place of deportations, suffering, joy and hope…

The road from Europe to Kazakhstan – today the journey could be done by train, in heated carriages, in four days. For those who were deported in 1936, and also in 1941 and 1942, it was a journey into the unknown, in unheated goods wagons, often during severe winter months, lasting three or more months – according to those who endured this hardship. Their misfortune was that they belonged to the “enemies of the people”. Some recall that they could take with them a limited amount of belongings, whilst others were not allowed to take any of their possessions. Some recall being promised a land of plenty on their arrival. Most deportees knew that they were being deported to Siberia of Kazakhstan. more...

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